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?   FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


What is this product?

It is a gift for proud parents to announce the arrival of their baby or full moon celebration. It is also a thank you gift for people who attends your baby's full moon celebration ...something for everyone to remember.


What is so special about this product? 

  • Every item is personalized, your friends and relatives will get to keep timeless and meaningful items with personalized information of your child to remind them of someone very special.

  • You can even have your personalized message.

  • The product is made from high quality material and is tastefully designed for keepsake.


Why use One Joy’s baby announcement gift?

The product is not an “eat, throw and forget” concept. We believe your child deserves the best. You will get to announce the arrival of your baby in a more special, meaningful and stylish way.


How can I order?

Send us an e-mail with the information required, attach digital photo and submit to order@one-joy.com  or simply give us a call at +603-42519007 or +6016-2848288.


Do you deliver?  

Yes. If your order is above RM400, we will provide 1 (one) free delivery point within 20km of our office, Ampang Point. If your order is RM400 and above, and you would like to self-collect, we are ready to reward you 2 free boxes of the lowest priced package that you ordered. For more information, please call us.

If your order is above RM400, but the delivery point is more than 20km from our office, we will charge you a surcharge for delivery. For exact rate please call us.

If your order is below RM400 we will charge whatever the courier company charges. To find out the exact rate, please call us.


How do I know that the orders are received?

We will notify you by phone or email to confirm the order. Confirmation will include verification of details.


How long do I have to wait before I receive the products?

On average, 5 working days (we are closed on Saturdays and Sundays).


What if I need my order in less than 5 days?

Give us a call or come directly to our office and we will make special arrangement for you. What's most important is the success of your announcement - we will do what we can. However there will be a surcharge of RM30 per order.


What do I need to provide for the gift to be personalized?

You will need to send us the digital photo of your child. Recommended resolution is 1600x1200. A close up shot will allow us to capture your baby's face.


 What if the photo is bad?   

We will do the necessary touch up for you. If it's not good enough we will call you before we process your order.


What if I don't want my baby's photo on the baby card?

We have  baby cards that caters for this request. Click here to see a sample of our 'no photo' cards.


Can I put personalised messages on the baby card?     



What if I don't have a digital camera?   

You may send us a normal print photo to 22A Persiaran Ampang, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Please remember to include the Order ID on the reverse side of the photo.


How do I send in my baby's digital photo?

Attached photo together with your e-mail and send it to order@one-joy.com

One good shot will be sufficient.


How will I receive the product?

We will deliver them to you (1 delivery point) within 20km radius of KLCC, or to save cost, you may pick them up from our office.


Will the chocolate melt?

The chocolate will not melt under normal room temperature. You don't need special storage.


How long can I keep the chocolates?

6 months - 1 year


Is there a minimum order?

Yes. The minimum is 10 boxes per design.


Do you deliver on weekends?

Our normal working days are Mondays to Fridays. We try not to work or deliver on Saturdays and Sundays.


How do I pay?

We require a 50% down payment upon confirmation. We accept Direct Bank-In, TT, Cash or Cheque. Unfortunately we do not have the volume required for credit card payments.

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